Two injured in armed attack in Ngozi city, northern Burundi

Two unidentified armed people carried out an attack in the night of September 2, at around 10 pm in Gabiro neighborhood, Ngozi city in northern Burundi. They shot two people, including a woman and a man, according to sources on the spot.

Ngozi chief town

Ngozi chief town

“A man in police uniform and another man in civilian clothes broke into the parcel situated in Gabiro neighborhood. They ordered the occupants of the parcel to open the window of the shop. While they were hesitating, the criminals shot at them. Elvis Hatungimana, a shopkeeper was injured on the shoulder, “says a resident of Gabiro.

According to the same source, the criminals also shot a woman named Ladouce Bizimana who was in a shop in the same neighborhood. The neighbors of the victims believe that the criminals did not have the objective of stealing stating that they did not steal anything.

The police intervened when the criminals had already run away Edouard Mukoko, the provincial police commissioner says the police have arrested 26 people for investigative reasons. They are accused of failing to assist persons in danger. Victims are receiving treatment in Ngozi Hospital.