' Education Minister gives prizes to the winners

Education Minister rewards first ten laureates of National Test, 2018 edition

11-17-2018 Among the ten-grade-nine laureates of the National Test, 2018 edition, who have been rewarded, seven are from “Lycée Saint Esprit”, one from “Lycée SOS”, one from Ngagara “Lycée of excellence” and the other one from “Lycée Makamba”. Each winner was given a lap-top Gianna Gateka Niyongabo from Lycée saint (...)
' Pupils doing test admitting them to attend schools of excellency in Bujumbura

Karurama I Basic School in Cibitoke faces large number of students

10-24-2018 Parents of students at Karurama I Basic School in Rugombo Commune of Cibitoke north-western province of Burundi denounce the large number of students in one class. At 9 a.m., pupils of grade 1 at Karurama Fundamental School are studying. The teacher struggles to teach the lesson prepared for the (...)
' Part-time teachers to be paid by students at Lycée Cibitoke

Students from Lycée Cibitoke to pay part-time teachers

10-17-2018 Each student of Lycée Cibitoke in Cibitoke western province has to give BIF 3000 per term to pay part-time teachers. Jean Claude Pfukamahari, a student of 2nd year in pedagogy, says the decision of paying extra money for temporary teachers will improve their learning process. “There are some courses (...)
' 1st Scientific Section Class at Kayanza High School

Boarding schools, luxury for students from low-income families

10-09-2018 Kayanza High School has received fewer students attending boarding school than expected this school year. The increase in school fees has forced some parents to take their children to day-schools especially in communal high schools. “My parents are not able to pay school fees recently set for boarding schools (...)
' cibitoke

Three “failed” students who were allowed to pass likely to repeat class

09-28-2018 Ornella Ishime, a student who repeated 6th grade at Mugina Basic School (ECOFO Mugina) in Cibitoke Province says her three former classmates have moved to the next class while they had failed. “They paid money to have new school reports allowing them to be registered in 7th grade in (...)
' Buterere Technical Paramedical School where the arrested students studied.

Former students at Buterere technical paramedical school seek assistance

09-25-2018 Former students from Buterere technical paramedical school ask the ministries of education and health to assist them in relation to their case. Seven among them were arrested this Monday 24 after they had staged a sit-in in front of headmaster’s office. Those students ask the director of this school (...)
' School materials displayed in one of the halls at “Palais des Arts” in Bujumbura

Burundi: Parents and students ready for new school year

09-07-2018 Since the education ministry has announced the date of the beginning of the new school year, parents and students hurry to buy school materials. Notebooks, uniforms, pencils, pens… are displayed in different places of the capital Bujumbura. Pasteur Bizimana, a seller in Bujumbura says parents and students often start (...)
' Edouard Ndikumasabo: “The decision comes to worsen the situation”

Parents plead for reopening of closed schools one week before new school year

09-05-2018 Following the decision of the ministry of education to close the fourth cycle (from 7th to 9th graders) of the fundamental school with poor performance a week before the new school year, parents say their children will not have way to study. Edouard Ndikumasabo, chairman of the national association (...)
' Janvière Ndirahisha: " Parents should register their children to other “more successful” schools"

Burundi: Closed schools’ representatives concerned about students’ future

09-04-2018 The ministry of education has closed the fourth cycle (from 7th to 9th graders) of Fundamental teachings of at least thirty private schools operating in Burundi, among them “Lycée de l’avenir”, “Lycée technique Bukirasazi”, “Sunshine College”, “Lycée Technique de la Foi”, “Lycée de la Comibu de Nyabakiba”, “Lycée Jabe” (...)
' Gilbert Becaud Njangwa: “The decision will affect private schools’ program as the school year will begin in few days.”

Some private school owners call on Education Minister to suspend school fees harmonization

08-30-2018 The ministry of education has recently decided to harmonize the payment of school fees in private schools in Burundi. The decision sets fees to be paid according to the categories to which schools belong. Some school officials call on the minister to cancel the decision. Gilbert Bécaud Njangwa, Legal (...)
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