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GBV, clandestine killer

10-17-2018 Minors are raped, women beaten and expelled or deprived of their rights. These are some of cases of gender-based violence reported in Gitega, in the center of the country. These GBV affect the lives of many people as the victims testify. N.A is a 13 year-old girl. Together with (...)
' Part-time teachers to be paid by students at Lycée Cibitoke

Students from Lycée Cibitoke to pay part-time teachers

10-17-2018 Each student of Lycée Cibitoke in Cibitoke western province has to give BIF 3000 per term to pay part-time teachers. Jean Claude Pfukamahari, a student of 2nd year in pedagogy, says the decision of paying extra money for temporary teachers will improve their learning process. “There are some courses (...)
' Rural women engage in farming to feed their families

Rural women claim arable lands

10-16-2018 While the world celebrates the Rural Women Day every 15 October, Burundian rural women demand to be supported. It’s around 10:00a.m. on Vugizo mountain in Mukaza Commune in the capital Bujumbura. Rural women are busy growing crops. Odette Nzeyimana, 28, must work hard to feed her 5children. “I work (...)
' Marie Lasia Karire: “Pregnancy is a serious problem for girls’ education”

Girls need extensive knowledge to avoid pregnancies in schools

10-12-2018 There is a need of extensive knowledge for girls to avoid school dropouts due to unwanted pregnancies. This has been said by APFB representative while celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child this October 11, 2018. Marie Lazia Karire, coordinator of the project “Menya umenyeshe” in the association (...)
' Franck Minos Sokoroza: “The number of consultations of mental patients has increased from 9,282 cases in 2012 to 16,359 in 2017.”

Mental patients in Burundi suffer lack of psychotropic drugs

10-11-2018 “The lack of drugs to fight against mental disorders in Burundi pharmacies, their high cost and the poverty of the patients’ families are the major problems mental patients face in Burundi,” said Dr. Franck Minos Sokoroza, the head of the medical department at Kamenge Neuropsychiatric Center (CNPK) situated in (...)
' Disabled and able-bodied children study together in class

Disabled and able-bodied children support each other

10-10-2018 While the world celebrates the Handicap Day on every 9 October, Iwacu has visited “Saint Kizito” Institute which trains and treats disabled children in the capital Bujumbura. Created in 1965, Saint Kizito Institute is specialized in training and physical rehabilitation of disabled children. Out of 232 children attending school (...)
' 1st Scientific Section Class at Kayanza High School

Boarding schools, luxury for students from low-income families

10-09-2018 Kayanza High School has received fewer students attending boarding school than expected this school year. The increase in school fees has forced some parents to take their children to day-schools especially in communal high schools. “My parents are not able to pay school fees recently set for boarding schools (...)
' Gold washers from Mabayi Commune plead for the resumption of activities

Gold washers in Mabayi in dire straits following suspension of activities

10-05-2018 After the suspension for one month of all companies and cooperatives that extract and sell minerals in Burundi by the National Security council from 1 October, gold washers from Mabayi Commune in Cibitoke western province say the measure has a negative impact on their lives. N.S, one of the (...)
' Pascal Barandagiye: “NGOs that will present the four required documents will immediately be authorized to work again.”

Foreign NGOs required to present four documents to resume activities

10-03-2018 The Ministry of the Interior has held a meeting with foreign NGOs in order to give some clarifications on the decision suspending them for three months, which was taken by the National Security Council. Four documents are required for those NGOs to start operating again, he says. Pascal Barandagiye, (...)
' Old people claim to be supported in food, clothes and medicines

Sheltering centers of old people in difficulties

10-02-2018 While the World celebrates the Old People Day, on every 1 October, Burundian centers sheltering old people plead for more support. “Auspice Sainte Elisabeth” Center, one of the centers of old people in the capital Bujumbura, shelters 46 old people including 30 old women and 16 men. Nun Colette (...)
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