' Tatien Sibomana: "The points that are on the agenda cannot come from one side".

Controversy over agenda for 5th round of inter Burundian Dialogue

10-17-2018 Burundian politician’s ideas on the agenda of the 5th round of the inter-Burundian dialogue diverge. “Our interest in participating in the 5th round of the inter-Burundian dialogue will depend on the strict respect of the agenda, namely the roadmap for the 2020 elections,” reads a correspondence that 11 political (...)
' Alain Guillaume Bunyoni: “72 cases of murderers were reported during this 3rd term of 2018”

Security Ministry committed to improving security, says minister

10-16-2018 While presenting the 3rd term achievements of 2018, the Minister of Public Security says there has been an improvement in the fight against criminality in Burundi but says there is still a long way to go. Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security says the security situation is generally (...)
' Thérence Mushano (1)

Associations fighting crimes against humanities for renewal of CVR mandate

10-16-2018 After lawmakers pleaded for the renewal of the mandate of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for four years, associations involved in the fight against crimes against humanity say they appreciate the proposition and expect that the commission will finally accomplish its missions. Aloys Batungwanayo, Chairman of the association for (...)
' une os

Burundi Parliament against burial of remains

10-15-2018 Parliamentarians consider the measure by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to bury the remains of the victims as premature. A premature decision. This is the opinion of the representatives of the people on the measure taken by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission-CVR to bury the remains of the victims (...)

Politicians say Rwagasore ideology has been left aside

10-13-2018 On the eve of the celebration of the 57th commemoration of the assassination of the independence hero on 13 October, Abel Gashatsi, Chairman of UPRONA party officially recognized by the government calls on Burundians to go beyond divergences and remain united. “Prince Louis Rwagasore lost his life struggling to (...)
' Fabien Baciryanino: “Some prisoners are detained while they are innocent”.

Independent MP calls on government to free illegally detained prisoners

10-13-2018 The independent MP Fabien Baciryanino calls on the Ministry of Justice to free acquitted prisoners. Fabien Baciryanino says there are three categories of acquitted prisoners who are still detained. “There are those who have been judged innocent by courts, those who have served their sentences and those who have (...)
' Parliamentarians unanimously disapproved of CVR's measure

Lawmakers plead for renewal of Truth and Reconciliation Commission

10-11-2018 The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has presented its provisional report in the National Assembly in the presence of four ministers before the end of its mandate in December 2018. MP Gélase Ndabirabe, chairman of the political commission at the National Assembly says CVR has only reached the documentary stage. (...)

Three people killed in Cibitoke province

10-09-2018 At least three people were reportedly killed in an attack perpetrated on “Camakombe” hill in Mugina Commune of Cibitoke western province. “A mother and her child were shot dead when armed people attacked her household at around 3:25 a.m. on October 8”, says a neighbor of the victim. He (...)
' William Benjamin Mkapa, facilitator in Burundi crisis

5th round of inter-Burundian dialogue postponed for week

10-09-2018 Initially scheduled from 19 to 24 October at Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge Hotel in Arusha, Tanzania, the 5th round of Inter Burundian dialog will take place from 24 to 29 October, says Macocha Moshe Tembele, assistant to the facilitator in the inter-Burundian dialogue. He says the postponement is related to (...)
' Pascal Barandagiye: "Whoever will close the hospital will be held accountable for the consequences."

Suspension of foreign NGOs: Clarification or reversal?

10-08-2018 The National Security Council (CNS) suspended on Thursday September 27, 2018, the activities of foreign non-governmental organizations from October 1st. The measure raised an outcry. On Tuesday, October 2, the Minister of the Interior met with representatives of those NGOs to clarify that controversial measure. Flashback on the measure. (...)
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