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Politicians say Rwagasore ideology has been left aside

On the eve of the celebration of the 57th commemoration of the assassination of the independence hero on 13 October, Abel Gashatsi, Chairman of UPRONA party officially recognized by the government calls on Burundians to go beyond divergences and remain united. “Prince Louis Rwagasore lost his life struggling to set Burundians free from colonizers,” he […] (...)

Associations fighting crimes against humanities for renewal of CVR mandate

After lawmakers pleaded for the renewal of the mandate of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for four years, associations involved in the fight against crimes against humanity say they appreciate the proposition and expect that the commission will finally accomplish its missions. Aloys Batungwanayo, Chairman of the association for the memory and protection of humanity […] (...)

Lawmakers plead for renewal of Truth and Reconciliation Commission

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has presented its provisional report in the National Assembly in the presence of four ministers before the end of its mandate in December 2018. MP Gélase Ndabirabe, chairman of the political commission at the National Assembly says CVR has only reached the documentary stage. “After at least four years of […] (...)

Disabled and able-bodied children support each other

While the world celebrates the Handicap Day on every 9 October, Iwacu has visited “Saint Kizito” Institute which trains and treats disabled children in the capital Bujumbura. Created in 1965, Saint Kizito Institute is specialized in training and physical rehabilitation of disabled children. Out of 232 children attending school from the first to sixth grade […] (...)

Three people killed in Cibitoke province

At least three people were reportedly killed in an attack perpetrated on “Camakombe” hill in Mugina Commune of Cibitoke western province. “A mother and her child were shot dead when armed people attacked her household at around 3:25 a.m. on October 8”, says a neighbor of the victim. He says they heard gunshots and cries […] (...)

CSOs expect good results in fifth round of dialogue session

Following the announcement of the 5th round of the dialogue session from 19 to 24 October, local civil society organizations call on the facilitation office to consider the opinions of all participants. Gabriel Rufyiri, Chairman of OLUCOME-the corruption watchdog, says the invitation he was given is twofold. “We will first have consultation sessions from 16 […] (...)

Gold washers in Mabayi in dire straits following suspension of activities

After the suspension for one month of all companies and cooperatives that extract and sell minerals in Burundi by the National Security council from 1 October, gold washers from Mabayi Commune in Cibitoke western province say the measure has a negative impact on their lives. N.S, one of the gold washers from Butahana hill in […] (...)

Politicians’ opinions diverge on AU PSC position on Burundi

Following its recent 794th session, the AU Peace and Security Council -AUPSC encourages all stakeholders in Burundi crisis to preserve the advantages gained since the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement was signed. However, Burundian politicians diverge on the AU position. The AU Peace and Security Council urged all stakeholders in Burundi crisis to attend the […] (...)

Year to attract more investors, Justice Minister says

The ministry of Justice has started its new 2018-2019 legal year this 2 October after magistrates have spent one month on holidays. Fighting corruption and accelerating pending files to be the major activities of the ministry. Aimée Laurentine Kanyana, Minister of Justice says the ministry expects to promote dialogue with investors by identifying all difficulties […] (...)

Sheltering centers of old people in difficulties

While the World celebrates the Old People Day, on every 1 October, Burundian centers sheltering old people plead for more support. “Auspice Sainte Elisabeth” Center, one of the centers of old people in the capital Bujumbura, shelters 46 old people including 30 old women and 16 men. Nun Colette Murimbane, responsible for the center says […] (...)
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